Mathew McWilliams, b. 1973, Vancouver, Canada


1999 Concordia University, Montreal
2002 Sorbonne University of Paris

Selected solo exhibitions

2019 Underlay, Chalk Horse, Sydney
2019 Non-Catholic Cemetery of Rome (upcoming)
2019 Sant’Andrea degli Armeni, Taranto, Italy (upcoming)
2018 Fuse, Libreria Galleria Marini, Rome
2018 Scored, Residenza d’Artista alla Casa del Direttore, Colle di Tora, Rieti, Italy
2017 Pulp, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2016 After the Storm, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2016 Ex-Chiesetta, Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy
2015 Mathew McWilliams: Headstrikes, Macaulay & Co Fine Art, Vancouver
2014 Inks, Thorpe’s Studio, Toronto
2014 Reliefs, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2013 Possible Impressions, Rivodutri, Italy
2012 Onto Itself, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2011 As It Is, Pharmacy, Montasola, Rome
2010 Additions & Subtractions, Fenestra Gallery, Sydney
2010 Recent Work, Artroom5, Adelaide
2005 Black Ground, Galleria Bertanicinque, Rome

Selected group exhibitions and residencies

2019 Sydney Contemporary. Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2018 Residenza d’Artista alla Casa del Direttore. Colle di Tora, Rieti, Italy
2018 Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney
2017 Residency: Fabriano Musee de la Carta, Italy
2016 Tensions, Translations, Transitions. Chloe Wolifson DMG curator award, Domink Mersche Gallery, Sydney
2016 Natur Elementari, Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta, Italy
2014 A proposition by Aurélien Mole, Working Forest/Lower level: Mathew McWilliams, Possible Impressions, Galerie Dohyanglee, Paris

2013 Ceci n’est pas: Art Between France and Los Angeles, curated by Isabelle Le Normand, Here is Elsewhere Gallery, Los Angeles.

2013 Macquarie University Art Gallery, Australia
2013 Exploded Transformations. New Sculpture: Addison Marshal and Mathew McWilliams, Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney

2012 Phantasmagoria, curated by Reid Shier and Helga Pakasaar, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver
2011 Like-Minded, curated by Micah Lexier, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
2011 Under the Willow, curated by Virginia Wilson, Flinders Gallery, Sydney

2011 Photographic Objects: Aurélien Mole, Roxanne Borujerdi, Mathew McWilliams, Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp
2011 Whatever Works, curated by Christopher Hanrahan, db Project, Sydney

2010 Unity, One of Kind, Sydney
2009 Revelation 3, Foire de Photographie Contemporaine, Paris
2009 Group Show, Gallerie Basia Embiricos, Paris
2008 Paper Works, Plowman Street, Sydney
2006 4C SightSeeing Tour, Saatchi and Saatchi, London
2003 Sebastian Bertrand Studio, Geneva
2002 Atelier Sonia Burel, Paris
1999 Concordia Space, Montreal


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